Are You Unreasonable?

I trust that if you are stumbling across my blog, you are seeking new options for a career and life of purpose. Maybe you are working the 9-5 and feel that you are never going to get off the hamster wheel. Maybe you are living paycheck to paycheck and want to find more freedom and margin in your lives. Maybe you own your own business, but instead of running your business your business is running you.

These are all issues that I have faced over the last 7 years. I remember being stuck in a dead end job 7 years ago, at the age of 24, wondering if this was going to be my life for the next 45-50 years. The future looked like drudgery, and I felt that everything that I wanted to do was “irresponsible” or “not practical”. I felt that by choosing the wrong options for school and for a long-term stable job, I was letting myself and those around me down. I felt that I would never find my significant other, if I chose the life I wanted, instead of the “responsible life”, because who wants to be with someone who cannot provide a secure, stable future with a secure, stable job?

However, I can tell you that the above thoughts were merely fears and lies. After much work, reading, and clarity, I confronted those self-limiting beliefs and have found my significant other, the girl of my dreams, who I married two years ago. I have also found freedom and fulfillment in my work and have way more freedom with my time and location than I ever dreamed possible.

I remember facing these doubts and at times feeling defeated by these doubts, but I assure you that these doubts are not real. You see, I feel we choose our own reality. If you want freedom, you must choose freedom, and persist in freedom, until you find your freedom.

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
– Albert Einstein

When you realize that you create your own reality, you can choose the life that you want. The ability to live life on your terms is in reach if you remain unreasonable and persist. However, by being unreasonable, I am not advocating blindly and recklessly going towards your goals. No, but I do think too many of us have given up and allowed ourselves to be shaped by our failures, and by our current realities, instead of realizing that we do have a certain amount of control on our realities and experiences.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
-George Bernard Shaw

I can say that choosing to take responsibility for your life is not necessarily easy, but is hugely rewarding. When you go against the status quo and decide, you are not going to live a life of debt, you are not going to continue in 9-5 drudgery or in a job that is not fulfilling, you are not going to walk the same path of chains and boredom of the rest of the world, then you open yourself to a whole new world, where you can choose to shape your reality around your values, beliefs, and choices.

I can say that when I chose to start my own business and leave the rat race, I was not completely clear on every aspect of what the future would hold, but I was clear on what I did not want any longer. In starting my own business, there were plenty of times that I felt I was run by my business instead of running my business. There were plenty of times that I felt that the business model was not scalable, because every decision fell on me, but I remained “unreasonable” and chose to explore every option, in order to continue to live my values and find freedom. It is because of this that I have found what works and what does not work.

I have tested the mentalities, the strategies, the tools, the teams and the systems to free myself of both the status quo and being run by my business.

The very first step to creating a life that you want is deciding not to settle, and to explore the options in front of you, If you are feeling tired, feeling defeated, the future looks dark or you feel chained to the 9-5 or to your business, let’s explore the options together. Let’s look at the options in front of you to find work that is meaningful, to find work that uses your strengths, to free yourself from the drudgery of your business, to free yourself from your debt, to have new experiences, such as world travel, and to choose a life of Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life.